Do you know a little about me? Lets go!

First: You need to join to MY CLUB

I am a chess playerchesspawn.png. I am very pro in tactics and lessonstactics.pnglessons.png(See my stats.png) I like to have friends in and I will accept all friendfriends.png request happy.png.

I like chess clubclubs.png too and I will join the club that you invites me! But .......... I will leave the chess club that is :

   1. Not active

   2. A not interesting club for me

   3. Chat a lot about bored things

   4. Saying bad things like: You must to ....... or I will ban you/ report you

   5. A club that is obligatory:

         - Play rated daily chess

         - Play vote chess

         - Play team matches

         - Play tourneys

   6. That I must be active (I will be without you saying this so I will not like that you say this  angry.png )

But also I will stay in clubs that have one(or more) of the options below:

   - Makes me admin (that is forever trophies.pngthumbup.png)

   - A very popular club

   -Interesting things (for me, not for you tongue.png ) 

In a interesting club I will be active, but not forever.                                

I also will only play not rated daily games. But now , I won't play any daily games(except the games that am I playing)

My favorites chess openings are: Italian and Scandinavian

About my life: 

I live in Spain but I'm Chinese(For you know happy.png).

I speak GOOD(I mean that you can talk with me in with this language) Spanish, English(not too much) and Chinese.

About my age and my name:

I will not tell you because it is private

About how is me: 

My favorite color is YELLOW

I don't have pews

I like sport

For know why I put some rare things:

Letters in brackets: ( ). Are personal observations but you should read

Numbers: 1234567890. Are used to enumerate the things

Emojis: angry.pngmeh.pngfrustrated.pnghappy.pnggrin.pngchesspawn.pngfriends.pngthumbup.png....... They mean a thing, example: friends.png mean friend ; clubs.png mean club ; etc.

Thanks for read my description!


Here is not more things!!!!!!!!angry.png

If you are keeping here, I will report YOU!!thumbdown.png

Don't see more!!!!!!!

Are you sure to see this?


Has you say yes?



don't see more!

here is a secret below

a trap of opening is here:

of Italian(only use for people rated 1600 below)