I just woke up hoping this would be a better day
I just spent the morning trying to learn to meditate
That could get back into a better state
But that ain’t working maybe I just need to get away
That ain’t it
No that’s not what I needed
Swear I knew this before
So why do I keep on repeating
Expecting different results
Like something going to change
I guess I did this to myself
I think I’m going insane
Okay look
One side telling me to go all out
Other side telling me stop
One side telling me to focus on the work and the job
Other side keep telling me “nah”
Telling me I
Need a second just to breathe
Need a minute just to rest
But part of me telling me I cannot do that
I’ll get all the sleep that I need when I’m dead
Feeling like I’m at the edge
Tip-toeing on the ledge
Quit throwing in the towel
That’s not how I’m going out right now not yet
But I confess
I been upset
Every morning I been laying in bed
Scrolling through feeds
Knowing it means
Nothing to me
I’m not my best so I 
 Mask up my pain
Hold back my tears
I’m going insane
Nobody Knows
All by myself
Let the rain hit me
I’m going insane
Nobody Knows