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Vikrant Harihara

Montreal, Canada
Date d'inscription
22 févr. 2017
Dernière connexion :
il y a 5 jours
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My  favourite starting position: Chess on the edge
My second favourite starting position: the doubled dudes

My third favourite starting position: the holey position 

1. I am ranked World #1.

2. My http://www.chesspersonality.com/ result.null

3. I like the Wimpy Kid series.

4. My username on lichess is ‘viktheking’.

5. My favourite players are Wilhelm  Steinitz, Tigran Petrosian, and Jose Raul Capablanca.

6. Check me out on https://www.chessable.com - my username is 'vickeychess'.

7. Please join my club The Vickey Mouse Clubhouse (VMC for short) https://www.chess.com/club/the-vickey-mouse-clubhouse. Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

By the way, thanks @sougataghosh.



1. A duck walks into a chess position. He spots a White Knight attacking a Black Bishop and says," Haven't the Black pieces got freedom already?"

2. A young man forces himself to love chess so he can learn  life lessons such as patience. A year later, he finds chess.com, and then plays 1|0 bullet for the rest of his life. Then after another year, he forgets how to play and trash-talks on a forum. Then he gets banned and eventually kicked out of chess.com, so he downloads a booklet of chess rules, discovers that there are f-pawns, and quits chess.

3.  Carlsen and Caruana play a 10 sec UltraBullet game as a WC Candidates match tiebreaker. Carlsen enters the endgame at move 24 with an extra piece and 2.4 seconds on the clock compared to Caruana's 2.9 seconds on the clock. Suddenly Carlsen blunders a Queen and Caruana times out! Carlsen stops the clock, but he has timed out too! The chief arbiter said that it was a tie, but then the clock magically gives both players five seconds, and they are both disqualified for lying to the Chief Arbiter, and Nakamura wins the tournament.

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