Openings & Game Explorer Help Center

Welcome to the Chess Openings and Game Explorer Help Center! Read these FAQs to learn more about how the Games & Explorer tools work and how you can get the most out of it.

What is the Game Explorer?

The Game Explorer is a tool that helps you play through games to see what other moves were made, and how those ideas worked out. It is an incredibly powerful tool for studying openings because you can see how other games progressed.

How do I use the Game Explorer?

To use the Game Explorer simply make a move on the board and then watch as the table on the right updates with the games and moves made in similar positions by other chess players. You can continue to make move after move until you find individual games you can study.

What are chess "openings"?

The opening in chess refers to the first several moves of the game. "Book" chess openings refer to common sequences of moves that have been studied and are generall well-known by professionals.

What does "ECO" mean?

ECO stands for "Encyclopedia of Chess Openings" and is a system for categorizing all chess openings. Despite only having 500 codes (from A00-E99), it does a fairly good job of segmenting openings. These codes help to organize chess games and openings.

If you have any questions about Chess Openings & Game Explorer, please contact our Member Support team!