Hey There,

My Name Is Ashmig(Code Name) And I Love To Play Chess. My Target For Now Is To Reach 2000 In Rapid And Go On To Become A Titled Player. I Mainly Play For Fun And When I Am Bored. You Can Challenge Me To Daily Chess As Long As It Is More Than 1 Day. When I Am Online You Can Challenge Me To Rapid Bullet And Blitz. 

10 Facts About You : )


1.You're Reading This Right Now

2.You Are Realizing That's A Stupid Fact

4.You Didn't Realize I Skipped 3

5.Your're Checking Now

6.You're Smiling

7.You're Still Reading This Even Though Its Stupid

9.You Didn't Realize I Skipped 8

10.You Are Checking Again And Smiling How You Fell For It Again

11.Turns Out You're Enjoying This

12.You Forgot There Was Only Supposed To Be 10 Facts

Friend Me If You Fell For This : )

Some Good Clubs For U: )

Black And White Bishop's Brigade - Black And White Bishop's Brigade - Chess Club -

This Cruel Design - This Cruel Design - Chess Club -

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║Jesus died on the cross he was
║thinking of you. If you're one of 0.1% that
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Thx For Reading My Bio : D