Hello everyone! I am a 17 year old male who lives in the greatest place on earth, Florida. I am on the chess grind hoping to get a Title in a few years. Kill or be killed. well if thats the way that you feel i guess your gonna get the raw end of the deal. I am a Christian and I always will be. God saved me so I want to help share His great news to everyone. How about instead of making decisions based on no evidence we stand for stuff that matters. or use common sense? Abortion is a real war and pandemic and here we go making a big deal about some "war" we know nothing about except what the liars of media tell us. Same with the virus. Use your own thoughts and stop listening to lies.  Cancel culture needs to end. it should not matter who or what i support. I am standing with Sergey. keep politics out of chess! God gave me my talents so I am trying my best to use them for him. I am also a homeschooler. NF is the greatest artist along side Skillet. I stand for our First Responders. They are out there putting there lives on the line for our freedom and safety and here we are giving them all sorts of grief. America is the home of the free because of the brave. Lets keep it free and stop the Left from taking over. It is time to take a stand! Here is a game where i played a Brilliant move vs Hikaru. Bf3!!, I know i hung mate but you try playing Hikaru and see how it goes.