11 de dec. de 2020
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hai 43 min

Sadness is only one obstacle of many that people will face. But sadness is only a thing. A thing that can tear you apart inside and out, something that others may or may not see. Sadness is that small tug in your heart as you feel something that hurts but its also something that will make you grow. Sadness is only something that is short term, its something that you will overcome, and beat down. So never let sadness take over. Force a smile even when you feel like frowning. Laugh out loud when you feel like crying. Tell a joke when you wanna break down. Ive been told many times over, fake until you make it. And it works, it works so much better than giving up. So much better than crying until I cant pull forth any more tears. It makes you feel a little bit better slowly but steadily builds you up. Like I said before sadness is only a small obstacle that life will make us face. So take it, ball it up and go do something you enjoy, something that makes you happy. Because life is way to short to be doing anything else. Quit that job that makes you frown and find another that you cant wait to go too. Don’t talk to that downer who always brings you down, go talk to that person you can never stay away from. Be yourself and never ever let anyone judge you. There is no such thing as too happy, so go be happy and spread the joy to everyone around. You are worth it and never let anyone tell you different. You are beautiful and powerful. And if you don’t think so I’m telling you that I know so. Be happy life is short so enjoy the ride that you have. Love you all. Be safe, message me if you ever need someone to talk too, life is tough but you are tougher!!! 

Join this club, and I’m sure you’ll have fun! I promised a friend I,d put it into my bio so here is the link.... drum role please..... 

btw I still have no idea what anime is. Have a good one everyone. Love you all, your all beautiful!!