16 de xan. de 2020
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  1. Please help me reach my goal, my goal is 490 followers by the end of November. Hope you help me.

If you want to challenge me, challenge me only up to 10 minutes time. I cant play longer than that due to some reasons. Also, if I'm busy, I'm gonna decline the challenge. Please don't take any offense.

My new Among Us username is BeastGamer. Send me a room code if possible. I'll tell you if I can't join.

Pls stop spamming 'You're sus' in my profile notes, I've had enough of it. And don't ask me to sub to any YouTube channels until this November 6th, my account doesn't have access to YouTube. Do it the first time and I say no. Do it the 2nd time  I will report you for spamming and block you.

You can invite me to club leagues, but please stop inviting me to clubs, please, I might block you, and I hate blocking other members. Please don't chat me or PM me club links, it's against the rules, and I will surely block you if that happens. Please don't do it. I will join clubs which I feel are appropriate for me or if I like them.

I can occasionally make profile pics for you guys, just send a chat request to ask me, or leave me a note if it's urgent. I might occasionally take the help of a friend for the pic. But if you want the profile pic, you must join this club named Legendary Club

My motto: There is never a finish line for anything in life.

I don't have any top friends, all of them are equal to me 

 If I'm offline, you can expect me to be studying, or casually editing pics, or playing Among Us. Speaking of Among Us, why do I get crewmate 95% of the time????cry.png

I want to become a pilot or racing car driver when I grow up, and I always try to keep up with the latest aviation news, and also like to view GM games. I also keep up with the latest aviation news. 

P.S.: I changed my username, I'm@I_Love_Planes1832 #2, so please don't remove me from any club and don't remove me as a friend, to those who are all my friends

Barbarians do not mess around. They hunt the opponent's king from the beginning to the end of the game. They are attacking players who are willing to accept lots of risk, calculating complications and dangers that make their opponents squirm. Barbarians put their heart into the game - a typical Barbarian might get upset if something goes wrong in a tournament and have a disaster, or, on the other hand, ride an unstoppable wave of success when things go right. Barbarians aren't usually the type to offer draws, and their main goal is to create unusual and complicated situations on the board in which they can out-calculate their opponent.

Don't be afraid to  send me a friend request, I'll surely accept it!

I am not accepting club invites

You can join my club, Legendary club, if you like. It's a long way to the club, your legs and hands might pain, so these cars will take you to the club. First things first, buckle up your seatbelts. Those cars are powered by a twin turbo V8 engine. I don't want you risking an accident🤣😂😉😛Clicking the image doesnt join automatically, you can first view the club