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Hello and welcome to... my deserted profile. I'm just going to fire out facts about myself because that is what profiles are. I will block you if you randomly friend request me. 

um... where do I start. 

ok. Books. I like books. Mostly fiction, like Harry Potter. I know I'm too old but whatever. Random series, go!

KotLC (urgh can't the cover for book 8.5 come out faster?), Warriors (kinda over it), The Hunger Games (Katniss, stop kissing Peeta), um thassit 

Books summarized:

KotLC oh and if you were wondering what it stands for, Keeper of the Lost Cities. 

Child Prodigy named Sophie Foster can read minds and discovers she is an elf. She gets yeeted in a world of elfs with huge shiny mansion and lives there. An evil group of people called the Neverseen wants to kill her. ya. She finds out she is a genetically modified person and she... yes.  Typical life. Chased by bay guys, boys flirt with her and she dates one and then breaks up in like 2 chapters (ok not really)

Harry Potter and the boy who is the teacher’s pet

Boy is an orphan and lives with cruel relatives. Goes to a magical school called Hogwarts and has a problem every year for some random reason. Story goes on and on about the golden trio (Hermione, Ron and Harry) They have strange adventures and apparently they have more wits than everyone older. 

Warriors (Cats in forest)

4 Clans of made of cats live in the forest that have different abilities. They fighttt. They defendddd. But most importantly, they pray to the stars in the Milky Way that they Star Clan that give them strange omens that make no sense until it is too lateeeeee.


The Hunger Games, fight of innocent children, $5.99 if you want to watch. 

Fight of children from 12 districts, Katniss and Peeta win. Fight to death in an arena that is controlled by the gamemakers. By the way, this is a dystopian society. The next year, they are forced to play again and Peeta does not make it out of the arena. yeeee. They rebel against the capitol and win. No hunger games, the live fight of children from ages 12-18 while the environment tortures them. 


Yesss that's it for that. More facts that you will find boring.



I like tea. That's kind of obvious but those who are too dim-witted to read anything, I like tea. Wait, if you don't want to read, why are you reading this? Whatever, I like tea. I prefer green tea and milk tea but everything else works. Bubble tea also works. Amazing. I’m younger than you think. Since you have the time to read all of this, I thank you.

I live in Canada, yes the country that half of you do not know. I dare you to name the capital, I don’t think that you know. Whatever. I'm sure you are ready for a long ramble. Canada. No, we don't live in igloos we live in normal houses, eat normal food. We don't chug maple syrup every day and say "eh" after everything. um school's almost over for me so I get a decent amount of free time. Like books and sometimes plays video games and watches youtube, but only for a bit. Favorite and only game, brawl stars. yes I know, it might be boring for you but, it's fun. Try it. Now, that's enough about myself. FINE. I like noodles, especially the spicy kind.  Absolutely LOVE China, mostly the food and the animals. Fine, the food is the best. An average kid living in an average (fine UNDERaverage) country. Yes, hello from Canada! Oh and do you like my profile pic?


My chess history. I started playing when I was 7 and liked it. ya. I don't play in tournaments now but still, play on chess.com for fun.  Have a high tactic rating because my brother (shout out to danzha) helped me get it when I wasn't looking. Most of my friends are from real life, and I won't accept any random requests. Clubs are the ones that I enjoy or was forced to join. As I mentioned, my bro is danzha and everyone else is either i know in a club or read you profile thoroughly before I accepted or my friend in real life (yesss I know a CM, Dorian!!) My ratings are extremely low but I don't give a damn)



 Thanks for taking your time for reading this. 



Oh and please join the random club. Thanks.


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