Hello there, i'm some random person, formerly @icyboyyy


My dad taught me to play when i was 6, but i only started playing seriously like 10 months ago. Never played an official otb game though, sadge.


My Chess Personality (I am Vishy Anand yay):

I'm an atheist


I'm also the #1 rapid player in Curacao (but i'm not actually from there) grin.png


Adopted @darkbrah7654 in 3|0 blitz


Friends List (if you want to be on it, tell me on notes or messages):







Idk what else to say, so just read this awesome poem:

i just lost all my money

to a guy pretending to be a bunny

it really isn't funny

so stop teasing me by throwing honey

uh oh i just sneezed

now my nose is runny


Congrats, you've reached the end of my horrible bio!