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Call me Oof. Here are SOME of my friends:  @LunarWolf01 @Morgoth6 @toxic_ness_main @GalaxyKitty303 @HorribleTomato (one of my best friends) @ChessNerd1320 (one of my best friends)@ExtremeDragon2 @DecayedSpirit @XxmeiXx1 @Felis_Domesticus (one of my best friends) @thegreatauk (another one of my best friends). I am only going to reveal my age with trusted people. My Chesspersonality result: Press on 'more' for quotes and skills! (or maybe you do not need to, I do not know)

Quotes by MrOOF600:

"The limit is not the universe. The limit is not space outside of the universe. The only limits are you not trying, and thinking there is a limit."


"Everybody is different. If you have countered someone else who has done what I have done and had a bad reaction to make you forgive, forgive me. They might've yelled at you to forgive them. But, as always, everybody is different."


"Your reaction to death is your last impression on somebody."


"The pawn isn't necessarily bad. It is how the player uses it that decides its role."


"Whenever you feel there is no hope left; there is always hope. Everything is improving, little by little, sometimes so less that you do not notice it. But, it is still improving."


"Everything has value, even the tiniest bit."


"Life is a potter's wheel, where you have to shape yourself, the clay, into what you want to be."(note:this was not the original one)

-Annlaw Clay-Shaper, from The Chronicles of Prydain, Taran Wanderer.


Mathematics: Advanced

Piano: Advanced

English and comprehension: Average

Chess: Intermediate/Advanced

Bot Developing: Newbie