Hey Guys My name is Ram. I am a great club owner( IDK about that) 

My best friends 

1) @hungthainguyen (Made friends with him when he join my club) 

2) @Kakashi_Hatake121 ( Great Friend since I joined) 

3) @aashrithprajwal (Chess classmate)

Thing about me!

Fav Song = BTS Bulletproof :The eternal

Fav Band = BTS
Fav Movie = Gray Man 

Fav colour = Blue

Fav Fruit = Watermelon

Fav Veg = Non

And It would be kind if you join my main club!

Name = Ninjago Chess Academy

 It has currently 354 Members. Appreciate it if ou could take your time and join!

Link = 

Name = The Ultimate Chess Kingdom 

Link = 


Club = The Crystal Dragon - TCD 

Link =