Hello everyone welcome to my profile!

My name is Shuheng Zhang.and I started playing chess at 5 almost 6. The Number one thing I want you to do to me that would make me happy is

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  • give me trophy 
  • and a view

Here are some of my fav sentence

A goal without a plan is just a wish.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery) –  Quotation Celebration

NEVER GIVE UP | God Never Fails - Inspirational & Motivational Video -  YouTubeMan Hand writing There is Always a Solution with black marker on Stock  Photo - AlamyHope you like the images happy.png

More about me

Name: if you don't know start over again

Age: 8

goals : 1200 rapid reached!  1400 blitz reached! 1800 bullet and 2200 puzzle reached!

brothers 1

friends: real ones 24

hobbies: Chess Basketball io. games

best friends on 6

anniversary: 1

lol that's all

I don't have photos on google so don't search me.

C ya