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My username is yoyoyoyoyo1234. My name is David Li. I am an advanced chess player who loves chess very much. I discovered chess.com when I was in 5th grade. I am in 7th grade right now, and I am 12 years old. I focus on my studies while also having time to play chess. I think chess is also a way to get better grades in school because it helps my concentration, attitude, and also it helps my brain get a workout. I am most active in this club called Complex Chess League. I am co-owner of it and I will appreciate it if you join!!! My favorite opening is the Italian Game, Ruy lopez, and Vienna Game. For black, I like Sicilian Defence and Caro-Khan Defence. Also I am underrated, so don't be surprised if I beat you in rapid easily, because I am dominant to 1600+!

My chess career so far

June 2017: Discovered Chess in a library, learned how to play it. After that, I have been playing chess every single Monday at the library where they were hosting weekly chess nights.

July 2017: Getting to beginner level in chess, making blunders, but improving slightly. Still going to the library every single Monday for chess night.

September 2017: Joined a chess club in my school, played lots of chess there.

October 2017: On Weekday afternoons, I went to library to practice free chess coaching

November 2017: Friend named Steven moved here, very good at chess, practiced with him

October 2017: Met with a person named Scott in the weekday chess afternoon, turns out to live very close with him, met with him often and played chess with him a lot.

November 2017: Stopped going to the chess coaching and the chess nights, but still has been playing a few games once in a while. Still in the school chess team.

March 2018: Preparation for the school chess team match against other schools in the district.

April 2018: School team match starting against a lot of other schools. I won all my games, our school won 1st place!

June 2018: Took a break from chess, enjoying my summer

September 2018: Rejoined school chess team.

November 2018: Moved from Oak Park to Naperville

December 2018: Made a chess.com account called @DavidLi003

January 2019: Joined another chess club in school, used chesskid a lot with the golden membership

March 2019: Elite chess tournament, 2nd place in my rating group

April 2019: Took a very long break from chess

August 2020: Made a new account called yoyoyoyoyo1234, closed my old account called @DavidLi003

September 2020: Have been practicing chess a lot, slowly improving

October 2020: Reached 1300 in Blitz

November 2020: Started Playing Team Matches, getting rapid rating up

December 2020: Been training myself in lots of ways using the resources I have

January 2021: Met Chess Friends, @Whizzboss and @Ryadboss

February 2021: Met more chess friends on google meet, getting my platinum membership on chess.com

Highest Wins


1st: FM @FranklinAPalomo  https://www.chess.com/member/franklinapalomo

2nd: @elbab1  https://www.chess.com/member/elbab1    Around 1900-ish

3rd : @szachiranu   https://www.chess.com/member/szachiranu   Around 1750-ish


1st: FM @skakackonj  https://www.chess.com/member/skakackonj

2nd: @jano555 https://www.chess.com/live/game/5716363542  Around 2230-ish
3rd: (I forgot, but I remember it is around 1900-ish)


1st: @Abomuhammed  https://www.chess.com/member/abomuhammed  2048 rated

2nd: @TheChessKid90   https://www.chess.com/member/thechesskid90  1615 rated

3rd: @Vuhuyminh2013  https://www.chess.com/member/vuhuyminh2013   1587 rated


I am good at 3 Check and had beaten NM's before, which is awesome! Also I had beaten lots of titled players in King of the Hill. However, my crazyhouse skills are not enough to beat titled players yet. Also my live 960 is pretty good over 1400, which is where I will stop for now.

Closest Friends on Chess.com

I do have a lot of friends, but I will point out the most active ones. (Please do not get offended)






Can I get top 100?

The question is can I get top 100 in the world in any type of chess?


I also can receive memberships as payment for coaching sessions. If you want to be coached, message me and we will work out pricing, and other stuff.

Also you may give me memberships anytime you want! Just when I don't have a membership!

I have a platinum membership because I begged my parents for one by bribing them with very good grades in school. They agreed finally and they make sure that it is not a distraction from my learning.

I am hosting a tournament with a 1 month golden membership prize for 1st place! Good deed of the chess.com server!


Goals are important because they will help you plan your future. These are my goals-

1400 Rapid, April 2021

1500 Rapid, May 2021

1600 Rapid, July 2021

2000 Rapid, January 2022

Accomplished 1400's

I am trying to get 1400+ rating in everything by 2022. It will be hard, but I will try. Here is the list:


Bullet (Done)


Puzzles (Done)

Live 960 (Done)

3 Check (Done)

King of the Hill (Done)

Crazyhouse (Done)

Bughouse (Done)

Puzzle Battle (Done)

*Puzzle Rush doesn't count since there is no rating count for it.

Thanks for reading my info!