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Xadrecistas títulados e profesionais

  • WGM Shata1974

    Conectado hai 39 min
    Tatiana Shadrina Rusia
    Rexistrado: 27 de mar. de 2017

    Hello everyone! I'm WGM Shadrina Tatiana from Russia Once in 2009 in Saint Petersburg I was the 5th in the European Individual Women...

    FIDE 2320
  • WGM Morshynska

    Conectado hai 46 min
    Maryana Huda España
    Rexistrado: 3 de feb. de 2016

    International women Grandmaster and National Master. Bronze medals in Ukraine championships - U20 and rapid among women.  Current national...

    FIDE 2179
  • WGM Betulcemreyildiz

    Conectado hai 48 min
    Betül Cemre Yildiz İzmir, Turkey, Turquía
    Rexistrado: 20 de abr. de 2015

  • WGM winnie1989

    Conectado hai 3 horas
    A China
    Rexistrado: 14 de xan. de 2017

  • WGM jenshahade

    Conectado hai 4 horas
    Jennifer Shahade Philadelphia, Estados Unidos de América
    Rexistrado: 17 de xul. de 2009

    www.uschess.org/ worldchesshof.org twitter.com/jenshahade

    FIDE 2322
  • WGM Budu44

    Conectado hai 6 horas
    Sabina Foisor Lubbock,Texas, Estados Unidos de América
    Rexistrado: 11 de xan. de 2014

    check out my youtube channel 15 minutes or less daytoday chess games analysis https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2hjYBYRdE2ynHqfQpo_gow

    USCF 2370
  • WGM CamillaB

    Conectado hai 7 horas
    Camilla Baginskaite Sioux Falls, Estados Unidos de América
    Rexistrado: 15 de abr. de 2010

    Hi everybody, I've been playing chess since 8 years old, and I still love the thrill of finding a beautiful move! Chess is one of the...

    USCF 2392
  • WGM cukus

    Conectado hai 8 horas
    Papp Petra Szeged, Hungría
    Rexistrado: 24 de abr. de 2017

    Hello everyone, my name is Petra Papp (2337) WGM from Hungary. I have 14 years extensive Hungarian chess training from various grandmasters...

    FIDE 2337
  • WGM martinique24

    Conectado hai 9 horas
    Rexistrado: 23 de out. de 2013

  • WGM karinachess1

    Conectado hai 10 horas
    Karina Ambartsumova Kazan, Rusia
    Rexistrado: 13 de set. de 2014

    Hello to everybody! I am Woman Grandmaster from Russia (Kazan). I have 3 IM norms and I am Russian rapid champion among women 2015. I...

    FIDE 2361
  • WGM axvesik

    Conectado hai 11 horas
    Tatev Abrahamyan Los Angeles, Estados Unidos de América
    Rexistrado: 17 de xul. de 2012

    Hello! My name is Tatev Abrahamyan and I'm a Women's Grandmaster from Los Angeles, CA. My USCF rating is 2448 and FIDE rating is 2350,...

    FIDE 2320
  • WGM Oleka

    Conectado hai 12 horas
    Olga Girya Москва, Rusia
    Rexistrado: 9 de xan. de 2015

  • WGM WGM_Adriana_Nikolova

    Conectado hai 12 horas
    Adriana Nikolova Dubai, UAE, Bulgaria
    Rexistrado: 29 de xan. de 2015

    WGM Adriana Nikolova current rating 2322. I start playing chess when I was at 4 years old. I become WFM 2007, WIM 2008 and WGM 2011. Woman...

    FIDE 2389
  • WGM Jenia84

    Conectado hai 13 horas
    Evgeniya Doluhanova Ucraína
    Rexistrado: 31 de xul. de 2013

    FIDE 2320
  • WGM IvaVidenova

    Conectado hai 13 horas
    Iva Videnova Plovdiv, Bulgaria
    Rexistrado: 15 de feb. de 2012

    WGM, IM, FT Iva Videnova - specialized in training beginners and students with FIDE rating less than 2000.   Certified FIDE Trainer...

    FIDE 2320
  • WGM VitaChulivska

    Conectado hai 19 horas
    Vita Kryvoruchko Lviv, Ucraína
    Rexistrado: 17 de xuño de 2013

    FIDE 2229
  • WGM Kettichess

    Conectado hai 21 horas
    Katerine Areshchenko Lviv, Ucraína
    Rexistrado: 24 de xuño de 2014

    FIDE 2231
  • WGM crisfoisor

    Conectado hai 1 día
    Cristina Foisor Timisoara, Romanía
    Rexistrado: 25 de set. de 2013

  • WGM Pomoc

    Conectado hai 1 día
    Veronika Schneider Budapest, Hungría
    Rexistrado: 11 de feb. de 2016

  • WGM Olghita64

    Conectado hai 1 día
    Olga Zimina Modena, Italia
    Rexistrado: 11 de set. de 2015

    My name is Olga Zimina, WGM/IM, fide rating 2378. Phd in Psychology in Russia. Born in Russia, in 2004 I moved to Italy  where I am...

    FIDE 2367
  • WGM IlzeBerzina

    Conectado hai 1 día
    Ilze Berzina Letonia
    Rexistrado: 16 de abr. de 2009

  • WGM WGMCarlaHeredia

    Conectado hai 2 días
    Carla Heredia Lubbock, Estados Unidos de América
    Rexistrado: 23 de abr. de 2011

    I am currently accepting students who are willing to take chess seriously, work hard and achieve their goals! I would like to help...

    FIDE 2250
  • WGM lexiel

    Conectado hai 2 días
    Aleksandra Dimitrijevic Tbilisi, Xeorxia
    Rexistrado: 11 de ago. de 2012

    FIDE 2262
  • WGM meoluoi91

    Conectado hai 2 días
    Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
    Rexistrado: 6 de abr. de 2013

  • WGM mirochka

    Conectado hai 3 días
    Myroslava Hrabinska Lviv, Ucraína
    Rexistrado: 3 de maio de 2014

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