Any online poker players?

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    Hey everyone, I wanted to know if anyone played poker online.

    I currently play on Pokerstars, having played previously on Full Tilt.

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    I play on full tilt every now and again.  It's been awhile though.

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    BenjiDan wrote:

    I play on full tilt every now and again.  It's been awhile though.

     Same here - I have accounts on full tilt, bodog, and ultimate bet, but usually play on full tilt if i'm going to play. I haven't played online in several months, though.

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    Oh, how i miss the golden days of party poker, though... and paradise poker, for that matter.  Money mouth

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    I used to play on poker stars when i was 10 then Americans couldn't cash out so(luckily i didn't have any money in there) i started playing at goldenpalace and had 140 dollars from 5 dollars and cashed out. Now i just play chess and w/ my uncles.

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    ah yes, subscription based poker sites are being increasingly popular nowadays, due to the low risk and legality. Though I prefer to make more money =)

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    I have played played on fulltilt poker!

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    supernova elite... jeez... high roller =p

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    Up to a few months ago I played heaps of online poker but I'm too busy playing chess these days. I can blame for this, I have to reduce the number of games I'm playing here so I can get back into it, starting to miss it. I've currently got accounts with Paradise and Everest playing short handed limit holdem.

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    Too many cheating schemes on Pokerstars from what I've heard. Teams using chat programs like AIM is one. Don't put money in that site.

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    ah, yes, well, that kind of collusion probably does take place at every site to some extent, though they are trying to figure out ways to try and reduce that. Though playing multitable tournaments reduces that risk by a lot.

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    I used to play tons on Full Tilt...not so much now, taking a break from online poker :)

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    Ty_Twadd wrote:

    I have accounts on PokerRoom, Cake (incredibly soft games), Full Tilt, Stars and used to have accounts on Paradise and Party back when americans could play on them. This year I will ONLY be playing on Stars because I am trying to make SuperNova Elite (1 million vpps). I am already supernova and was last year also. Wish me luck... I am behind pace. I have around 220,000 so far as of 4-2-09.

    I've heard that Cake is soft, but I've been wondering what type of fish tend to float around there. Do you find more 70/3/.2's or more 10/0/8's? I'd kind of assumed that the ubernit variety would be more prolific given where they advertise. Obviously I play the micros NL 6max. Haha, I should be so lucky as to find a fish of that calibur above 100NL.

    And hello. I play on Stars.

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    I currently play at Carbon using the same screen name I have on here.

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    Is this thread/group still active?  I know online poker was recently baned in the US pending licensing and regulation (and taxation), but do people still play? 

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    sure, merge and cake emerged as the winners from that i think, they're still accepting US players

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