Economy Chess Ladder Tournament

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    Note: Currently you can only join the tournament and we will wait to start playing until v2 is released.

    Here it is the Economy Chess Ladder Tournament!

    Basically this is a never-ending tournament where the goal is to get to the top of the ladder by winning against someone higher up in the ladder. Please note that the rules are subject to change.



    1. To join post a comment in this forum

    2. Everyone starts at the bottom of the ladder.

    3. How to advance in the ladder

    3.1 You may play against someone up to 4 positions above or below you.

    3.2 Make sure both players understand it is a ladder game. 

    3.3 The games must be Economy Chess games, the rules for the game is up for the players agreement, but no handicap or engines allowed. Also, if both players agrees it can be a match with more than 1 game (like 2 or 3 for example).

    3.4 If the higher player wins both players keep their positions

    3.5 If the lower player wins then the players swap positions.

    3.6 If it is a draw both players keep their positions.

    4. When a match is finished. Post the results here, even if the positions ends up the same we want to see that there was activity here. If it was an interesting game, you may post it in the game archive forum.

    5. If someone becomes inactive for a long time they might get removed from the ladder, but is free to join again and will start from the bottom like everyone else.

    6. If you want to quit the ladder just post a comment in this forum saying you want to quit.

    7. Remember the most important thing is to enjoy playing this chess variant and even if someone is outside of your range you may still play non-ladder games.

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    I will update the standings regularly (more than once a week). If I would get inactive (I don't think I will) someone may copy the standings and update in a new comment in this forum. Hopefully that won't be necessary though.

    Updated to comment #24


    Player (win, loss, draw)

    1. Martin0 (0, 0, 0)
    2. ElKitch (0, 0, 0)
    3. FromMuToYou (0, 0, 0)
    4. joseph_ward (0, 0, 0)
    5. RayDuqueIII (0, 0, 0)
    6. BrianSchutt (0, 0, 0)
    7. Roeczak (0, 0, 0)
    8. Something_Smart (0, 0, 0)
    9. finns (0, 0, 0)
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    I'll join, ofcourse :) Thanks for setting up, looking forward to play this game competitive!

    I think its good to set a standardset of rules. Ive been playing a bunch of games with Boletus and I think we somewhat agreed on what are the best rules. They stay as close as possible to standard chess and give good games. Also it might be confusing to people when playing different rules in different games. Also I think we'll have to await v2. This version has some bugs that really stop normal gameplay. In v2 the 'right' settings will be default and the bugs are hopefully gone!

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    ok, I added a note that the tournament will start when v2 is released. I agree a standardset of rules is good, but I edit it after I have seen v2 as the 960 variant should be ok as well (I think).

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    Count me in. Since I am not much familiar with ladder tournaments I would like to ask what happens when 2 equally placed players play. If I am not mistaken challenges cannot be declined - is it really so?

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    @Boletus, Players cannot be equally placed in a ladder. Currently I am at place 1, Elkitsh at place 2 and you at place 3. As people only swich places and new ones get added at the bottom it is just impossible to be equally placed.

    In most ladders you cannot decline challanges and that's for a good reason as otherwise why would higher placed want to play against those below? Anyway as it is very understandable to be unable to accept challanges anytime there is no rule that you must accept challanges here. Hopefully that won't be a problem and people will be happy to play ladder games against those below. I could add rules how many times in a row you can play against those above (that doesn't affect those at the bottom of the ladder) and I could add that you are not allowed to play against the same opponent twice in a row, but to make things as simple as possible I thought I should try to skip rules like that for the time being.

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    @Martin0, thanks. I thought all the players would be equally placed when the tournament starts.

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    I haven't actually played anyone yet but it looks like fun so count me in.

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    I haven't played yet either, but I could definately start.  Count me in.

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    Martin0 wrote:

     as the 960 variant should be ok as well (I think).

    Yes, if two players agree to go 960.. why not?

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    when the tournament will start?

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    The tournament will start when v2 is released

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    Greetings Abhiram!

    The current date for the softwarerelease that I am holding onto is 1st of January 2013. Possibly its finished earlier, but I am not 100% sure of that. You can join anytime however, even when it has started.

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    Thank you martin0 and elkitch

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    Okay, I will try this Economy Chess Ladder Tournament. Count me in.

    Thank you,


    Ray Duque III (GMBD), New York City

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    Great to have you with us, Ray!

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    Thank you again ElKitch. Hope, this tournament is nice and enjoyable.

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    This sounds interesting.  I would like to sign up.

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    I will start once v2 is out of beta.

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    i will sign up

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