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    I'm an Omaha and Texas Holdem Fan how Bout u guys?

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    I play more Texas Holdem, myself - but that's probably because you can find a lot more profitable Holdem games than Omaha... But when you get a good PLO game going with a table full of fishies...boy, oh boy!! It's like stealing candy from a rock (easier than from a baby because the rock doesn't cry - lol)!

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    Omaha Hi/Lo against your average fish might as well be stealing. They'll all fight each other to quarter or worse one end of the pot and you can usually sneak out with a nice win on a locked up Lo, or the occasional monster Hi hand.

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    Mostly hold'em.  that'a where the money is.  But I mostly enjoy the hi-low games, and 2-7 triple draw.

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    Anaconda. Hold'em drives me nuts because it killed all the dealer's choice games.

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    Hold'em its the most exiting of all!!

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    I like 27 triple draw a lot to

    o and between the sheets

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    $10.00-$20.00 Texas hold'em.

    The table is aggressive, but not with stupid maniacs.

    4 raises, and if heads-up, raises unlimited.

    What more could anyone want?

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    texas holdem

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