"The BIG Show" Quick-Recap for 4/12/2012!!

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       Hey everyone! Even though I wasn't at the show because of my unstable sleeping patterns (not sleeping at all) I'm still going to do the recap of the show.  Cool  I've barely slept in the last 7 days getting the amount of hours for the whole week that you can count on both hands and not run out of fingers, so that's why I wasn't present at the show. Anyways, let's get to it.

       I was told by Donna that the first set of games had a glitch in the server and Danny lost them all because of it so she told me to do the second batch of games. So here they are, and as usual, they are in the order that they finished in.

    Game 1: vs. tykartaltepe - B07 Pirc Defence


    Game 2: vs. Epirioti - A48 1. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 g6: Torre, London & Colle Systems


    Game 3: vs. josh407 - C41 Philidor Defence

    Game 4: vs. paddestoel - B22 Sicilian: 2. c3


    Game 5: vs. FTWR - B80 Sicilian Scheveningen: 6. c3 & 6. Bg3 including English Attack

    Game 6: vs. anxiousrhino - B87 Sicilian Scheveningen/Najdorf: 6. Bc4 with early ...b5

    Game 7: vs. kramnik_02 - E10 Blumenfeld Gambit

    Game 8: vs. C-D-B - B07 Pirc Defence: Misc. Systems

    Game 9: vs. Culleux - B22 Sicilian: 2. c3

    Final Game: vs. namahshivaya - C41 Philidor Defence

       Now the players who had their games interrupted and got automatic wins vs. Danny are listed below:

    igalse, Daeru, youngpro, josh407, DeepGreen, niklai, MissionAssassin

       Might as well cover all the bases right?  Cool  But from the batch of games shown above, Danny went a very respectable 9.0/10 after having a perfect show last week. It's safe to say that Danny's on a roll. We'll find out on the next episode who's able to stop him.

       Have a good night everyone!


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