"The BIG Show" Quick-Recap for 4/25/2012!!

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       Hey everyone and welcome to a quick-recap of today's 10-game simul "The BIG Show,"hosted by IM Danny Rensch and his son Nash, who made his on-camera debut today.

       Today's show aired at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern/9 PM London time and was open to Platinum/Diamond members.

       The time controls were standard BIG Show at 15|30.

       Let's get to the games in the order they were completed in:

    Game 1 - vs: champ_weller - C67 Ruy Lopez: Steinitz Defence:


    Game 2- vs: Josh407 - B70 Sicilian Dragon:

    Game 3: vs - Mainline_Novelty - C45 Trompowsky Attack:

    Game 4: vs. MissionAssassin - A32 Symmetrical English:


    Game 5: vs. ANason21 - C42 Petroff Defence:


    Game 6: vs. Blaken1674 - B76 Sicilian Dragon: Yugoslav Attack:

    Game 7: vs. GeniusKJ - B75 Sicilian Dragon: Yugoslav Attack, Misc. systems:


    Game 8: vs. Sleight - C45 Scotch: (updated PGN with the analysis he mentioned below)


    Game 9: vs. Bab3s - E32 Nimzo-Indian:


    Game 10 - vs. Daeru - C45 Scotch Game:


       Congrats go out to Daeru for the win and to Sleight for the draw preventing another possible perfect show keeping the score at 8.5/10!

       So that's it for the quick-recap everyone!

       Have a good night!


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    I was Game 6. Is there a way I could have saved the position from move 26 or was I already lost?

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    Hey Mark, any chance you could add some analysis to my game with Danny?  I found out I missed a win on move 32 (missed 32 ... d4!! the only move, all others are draws)

    This is what the computer offers 32...d4!! (-2.78)  with the possible continuation 33. Kh2 h5 34.Rg3 g4 35.hxg4 hxg4 36.Rd3 Bf5 37.Rd1 Rxb3 38.f3 gxf3 39.gxf3 Rxf3 (-4.72, by the end). Furthermore, d4 at any other point still wins, just less decisively. Some other bits of analysis that might be helpful for other people on the Black side.

    Instead of Black's move 12: 12...Nxd3 13.Qxd3 Be6 14.Be3 Bxe3 15.Qxe3 O-O (-.36) whereas our line was equal.

    Instead of Black's move 15: 15...Kd8 16.Rxg5 Rb8 17.Nc3 Be7 18.Rh5 h6 (-.32) whereas our line was equal.

    Instead of Black's move 26: 26 ...a5 27.Rf3+ Ke7 28.Re3+ Kd6 29.Rf3 a4 (-1.54) whereas our line was (-.34)


    Thanks Chess.com Computer Analysis!  These were the 3 biggest misses by Black, thought they were instructive.

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       OK Sleight let me see if I can amend it.


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       OK Sleight. I added it in so when the analysis comes up, you'll see the comments at the bottom for that move you wanted the analysis for.

       I'll make the changes in my blog as well.

       Awesome Sleight! That's just the kind of excitement and passion we like to see here at Chess.com/TV!


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    Wow, you created this thread right after the show finished. Really fast, great job!

    I annotated the game today, it is in my blog. Here is the link:


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       OK Daeru, I added your annotation to the PGN so it's now updated. I wish more people would do this sorta thing. It's great stuff  Cool


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    Yes, it is fun annotating games :D Thanks for updating!

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