Want a game? Challenge someone here!

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    Want to play a game against a live person?

    Post a message here :)

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    I will be more than happy to play anyone.

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    Up untill now you are unbeaten! Time to get challenged by someone with a higher rating than me ;)

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    I'd like to play a match soon.
    If you're interested just post here or pm me, hopefully with a time today or tomorrow.

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    I will elkitch.

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    I am sorry I didn`t reply. I have been kinda busy translating Chess.com into Czech recently and I failed to notice your comment. 

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    Ill be on tonight from 22:00 GMT+1. So if anyone feels like playing a game send me a message.

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    Game, anyone?

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    Hi i´m new and want to play my first game. how can i do this?

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    Greetings Lord!

    I have been away for 10 days without any internet, sorry for the late reply.

    At this time a new version of Economy Chess is being made. Its best to await version 2. I have some testing work to do and the programmer has some programming work to do. I will let you know when v2 is ready. When its done a tounament will start, but chances are that you can challenge others here for a single game too.

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