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Welcome to the Groups & Teams Help Center! Please read these FAQs to learn more about how Groups & Teams work and how you can get the most out of them.

General FAQs

Team Matches

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General FAQs

What are Groups & Teams? What is the difference? Groups and Teams allow members to form separate groups around interests, hobbies, nationalities, friendships, etc. All groups get their own forums, news, events, and photos. Teams are groups that also play chess as a team - Team Matches and/or Vote Chess.

Groups and Teams can be either public or private. Anyone can join public groups. To join a private group you must be approved by a group administrator.

How do I join a Group/Team?

To see the available groups on you can click here. When viewing a group you can click on the "Join this Group" link under Group Actions on the right-hand side menu.

Additionally, you may be invited to join a group in which case you will receive an invitation.

How do I create my own Group or Team?

You can create your own group using this link. or by clicking on the "Create My Own Group" link on most group pages.

NOTE: You must be a premium member to create a group. Basic memberships cannot create groups.

What are group admins able to do?

Group admins have special privileges that regular members of the group do not have, including:

  • Editing group settings and info
  • Adding a theme to a group (background image and colors)
  • Creating, accepting, viewing team Vote Chess and Matches
  • Sending group invitations
  • Managing the access levels of other group members (Super Admins only)
  • Deleting forum and new comments
  • Sending messages to all members of the group

How do I quit a group?

To remove yourself from a group you will need to visit the group homepage and then click the red button for "Quit Group" under the Group Menu.

Team Matches

What are Team Matches?

A team match is when two teams have a match against each other with multiple players from each group playing games against each other. Each player selected to participate in the match will play two games against the other team (one game each with White and Black colors). Players are matched up by highest rating against the other team. The score is kept and the winner will be the Team with the higher score at the end of the match.


Team 1   Team 2
Player 1 (2224) 2 View | View 0 Player 1 (2141)
Player 2 (1683) 1 View | View 1 Player 2 (1859)
Player 3 (1499) 1 View | View 1 Player 3 (1707)
Player 4 (1473) 0 View | View 2 Player 4 (1638)
Player 5 (1472) 0 View | View 2 Player 5 (1559)
Player 6 (1452) 1 View | View 1 Player 6 (1484)
Player 7 (1253) 1.5 View | View 0.5 Player 7 (1180)
  = 5.5   = 6.5 WINNER!

How do I join a Team Match?

When a new team match starts, all members of that group/team will receive a message. You can click through to view and then join the match. Or, you can go to your group’s homepage and then use the "Team Matches" link under the Group Menu when you will see a list of any active/available Team Matches. If there are any available matches then you can click the "view" link and you will be brought to the specific Team Match page. There you will see a link to join the Team Match if there is still space available for more players.

How are Team Match points scored?

Each team’s cumulative score is added up and compared to decide who wins the match. The winner of the team match gets points based on the following:

  • Win: 5 points
  • Draw: 2 points for each team
  • Lose: 0 points

Those points are then multiplied by the total number of players in the match to get the total match value. These match points are used to determine the status on the Team Match Leaderboard.

I joined a Team Match but then wasn’t chosen to play - why not?

Team matches must have even numbers of players to create the pairings. Additionally, match organizers may set the number of players for each team in a match. Once that number of players is reached, other players may join, but may not be able to play. The way it works is that all players on a team are rank-ordered by rating. Then the top players are chosen to play for each team. Players who are not in the top ranking cannot play.


Let’s say this is a 5 player match for each team. If 7 players from Team A join, only the top 5 rated will be allowed to play. The other 2 lower rated players would fall below the line (though they will remain as alternates until the match begins just in case the team admin decides to remove a player or one of the other players quits).

Team Vote Chess

What is Team Vote Chess?

Thematic tournaments require all games to start from a pre-defined starting position (such as the first 3 moves of the King’s Gambit, for example). This allows players to play similar games and test each other in certain openings. Thematic tournaments are indicated with a special icon and also show the starting position of the games.

Team Vote Chess is no different from regular Vote Chess. To learn more about the rules and how to play, please click here.

How do I join a Team Vote Chess game?

When a new Team Vote Chess game is started all members of the group will get a message to view and then join the game. Or, you can go to your group’s homepage and then under the Group Menu click on the "Vote Chess" link where you will then be taken to the page with a list of any available vote chess games for your group. Once there you can click on the "view" link next to any vote chess game where you will be taken to your group’s vote chess game against another group where you can participate and vote for the move you would like your group to play.

How are Team Vote Chess games scored?

Team Vote Chess games are scored as follows:

  • Win: 5 points
  • Draw: 2 points for each team
  • Lose: 0 points

These points are then used to rank teams on the Team Vote Chess Leaderboard!

If you have any questions about Groups or Teams, please contact our Member Support team!