The Battle of Sasireti

BK Academy of Chess Won the Match!
  • Game Type: Standard Chess   Registration Open: Sep 14, 2013
    Players Per Team: 9   Finished On: Nov 28, 2013
    Days per Move: 3 days   Rated: Yes
    Rating Range: 1650 - 1850  
    Starting Position: Standard
    1 simultaneous game

    The Battle of Sasireti (სასირეთის ბრძოლა) took place in 1042 at the village of Sasireti in the present day Shida Kartli region, not far from the town of Kaspi, during the civil war in the Kingdom of Georgia. It resulted in a decisive defeat of the army of King Bagrat IV by the rebel feudal lord Liparit IV, Duke of Kldekari.

#   Carpe Diem    BK Academy of Chess   
1 benluz (1777) 0View | View2 RogelioMtz2 (1692)
2 driso (1938) 1.5View | View0.5 bn1462 (1856)
3 nyankomusume (1803) 0.5View | View1.5 micahn (1635)
4 woef2000 (1452) 1View | View1 midomasr (1658)
5 AhmedFarrel (1610) 2View | View0 Toxus (1733)
6 karamach (1753) 2View | View0 pinoymaster77 (1803)
7 alfa_pawn (1676) 0View | View2 passalidis (1774)
8 burucaga (1709) 0.5View | View1.5 Susi (1614)
9 ulyAmor (1734) 1View | View1 tananicu (1674)
= 8.5 = 9.5WINNER!


  • 3 years ago


    Carpe Diem, we are Vikings of honour;

    Honour, the third Noble Virtue of the Viking

    Without honour, there can be no true warrior, or true human being as far as that goes. As I just said, honour is not a black and white character trait. It is hard to define. One could define honour as your internal integrity or dignity. Many people wrongfully think that their honour simply has to do with their reputation, but that is not true. It is the warrior who determines his or her honour; your reputation is determined by other people’s thoughts, for the most part.

    You determine your own honour, or lack of honour, by staying true to your own beliefs and living according to your own code of honour. Your personal honour is determined internally by your own commitment to live up to your predetermined ethics. It is your intentions and your actions which determine your honour, not what someone else thinks. The true warrior, who lives by a code of honour, will have very few regrets in life because he will know that he has done the best that he can to live a life of honour with truth and purity of intention.

    Honour is a harder master than the law.

    Mark Twain

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