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  • Formed: Apr 9, 2010
  • This is a group for people who like to discuss stock and option trading. It will focus on short term opportunities as well as long term trends.

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  • I love chess and options trading, and believe that chess thinking has helped hone the way I approach trading and increase my bottom line.

    by romeolips 4 months ago

  • k

    by risingstar04 9 months ago

  • is Bondaggedon going to happen soon?

    by FakeBeil91 14 months ago

  • lol

    by Hydra_Does_Chess 15 months ago

  • The two admins are very inactive.

    by Mauve26 15 months ago

  • duhhhhh

    by Hydra_Does_Chess 16 months ago

  • With the stocks at all-times high you would think there would be a lot of talk here

    by Aeronvdd 16 months ago

  • Group has already died.

    by Kingdom_Hearts 16 months ago

  • Ah.

    by TheGoalkeeper 18 months ago


    by Hydra_Does_Chess 18 months ago