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100 Best Games of Chess Study Group

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  • Formed: Mar 17, 2012
  • The purpose of our group is to study some of the greatest games of chess ever played. We select games to study via various techniques: Recommendations from books (such as Andrew Soltis' "The 100 Best Games Games of the 20th Century, Ranked" and "The Mammoth Book of the World's Greatest Chess Games"), chess columns (such as "Best of Chess Informant"), and suggestions from the members of our study group. For each game, our members take on the role of the winning player and try to guess each move he (or she) played in the game. We keep score and report how we do in each game, not to compete with one another, but to push ourselves to do our best in our analysis of the game. Individual games are highlighted in their own forum threads, and the members of our group commit to play through each game and post their scores and comments about the game itself and what they learned. A new game is posted for study every couple weeks.

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  • hi everyone, if anyone is interested in a chess partner for continuous playing, trainning, game develope and have fun, don't hesitate to contact me! Cheers!

    by Vicentin084 17 months ago

  • hi I would like to take a look

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    by vinothmission2014 3 years ago

  • any new games submitted after game 4 ?

    by AlexanderMcLean 3 years ago

  • signs of life :p

    by molondon 4 years ago

  • hi

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  • hi

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  • Great idea, I look forward to finding out just how much I dont know.

    by Hymasimo 5 years ago

  • thank you

    by zroyalrook 5 years ago

  • thanx 4 the invite :)

    by pumpupthevolume247 5 years ago