101 chess teams

  • Galesburg, KS United States 
  • Formed: Jan 31, 2012
  • Anyone interested in the Elementary, Middle School, and High School chess teams in the Erie, Galesburg school district.

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  • stop!!!

    by JJBurch 3 years ago

  • I'm AWESOME:)

    by kadenptasznik 3 years ago

  • no your your not

    by coltonbrown 3 years ago

  • I beat a guy with a higher rating. I got a rook ahead and won by resignation.

    by kadenptasznik 3 years ago

  • coltonbrown was first. He gets a free knight and wins by resignation. Nice Job. Who will be next?

    by davidsemrad 3 years ago

  • Will someone please beat an opponent with a higher rating than themselves? Post a note as soon as you get it done.

    by davidsemrad 3 years ago