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  • Formed: Jan 22, 2013
  • We live by a code that is simple. The meaning of chess is only know to the one that strives to be it's master. Our Motto: "PLAY WITH COMPLEXITY, AND WIN WITH SIMPLICITY"

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  • Everyone join the team match! we need to take all of this cheating out of account! :D

    by sergiocube 4 years ago

  • I have just found out that one of our members was a cheater in the last tournament. People, please don't cheat. It takes the fun away from the game.

    by sergiocube 4 years ago

  • Hi everybody thanks for the invite.

    by anupam927 4 years ago

  • hello

    by PrincessYue 4 years ago

  • Hi everyone - thanks for the invite - I'm Soorat - if anyone wants to challenge me to a game please feel free to do so - I am always up for a game and it's a great way to get to know each other - don't worry - i dont bite (much) lol

    by delete92 4 years ago

  • thanks for the invitation. hello everyone.

    by leovinik 4 years ago

  • thanks 4 invites me

    by ardiyono 4 years ago

  • Thank you for the invite.

    by ReyRambler1960 4 years ago

  • thanx

    by SEMI_LESTARI 4 years ago

  • Welcome Spaceguru500

    by matematicaxadre 4 years ago