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  • Planet Earth International 
  • Formed: Sep 30, 2011
  • AC/DC Fan Club For Fans of the Rock Gods AC/DC

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  • hi

    by death-13 13 months ago

  • hi AC/DC ! How about a Teammatch vs our Still got the Blues? Pls challenge!

    by Level06 2 years ago

  • You Shook Me All Night Long - some opponents moves have had this effect on me! lol :-)

    by covpete1 2 years ago


    by virdi1966 2 years ago

  • I love AC/DC!!!~HELL'S BELLS~Sign me up,I'll play anybody!!!

    by CastedShadow 4 years ago

  • thanks for the invite anything to do with these majestic rock gods has got be good

    by pete58 4 years ago

  • do you need an invite to join

    by pete58 4 years ago

  • when will it be active ?

    by virdi1966 4 years ago

  • suddenly 'hold me back' starts playing. lol. I don't mind belonging to 2 ac/dc groups. The more the better I say. :D

    by chess_kebabs 4 years ago

  • or you will be put on the Highway to Hell. lol

    by chess_kebabs 4 years ago