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  • Greece 
  • Formed: May 28, 2011
  • AEK meaning Athletic Union of Constantinople…A club, an initiative of a group of refuges from Constantinople, only two years after the Destruction of 1922. The need for the creation of a cultural spine, a body that would soothe the sorrows, unite their dreams and give them back their lost pride, seemed immeasurably greater than the need for daily survival. In 1924, two years after the Asia Minor disaster, a group of Constantinopolitans decided to establish a club called Athletic Union of Constantinople. AEK FC became at that point a reality ...League titles (11)Greek Cups (14)Greek Super Cups (2)Greek League Cup (1)

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AEK F.C 1 11/7/11 Antonius-28
ΑΕΚ FC 6 5/28/11 manosaek
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