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  • Formed: Dec 16, 2010
  • The Constitutio Antoniniana (also called Edict of Caracalla) was an edict issued in 212, by the Roman Emperor Caracalla. The law declared that all free men in the Roman Empire were to be given full Roman citizenship and all free women in Empire were given the same rights as Roman women were. Roman civilization is often grouped into "classical antiquity" with ancient Greece, a civilization that, along with many other civilizations they conquered and assimilated, inspired much of the culture of ancient Rome. Ancient Rome contributed greatly to the development of government, law, war, art, literature, architecture, technology, religion, and language in the Western world, and its history continues to have a major influence on the world today.

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  • Sounds like a great group! Maybe we should get a team match going?

    by FakeBeil91 4 years ago

  • In your description, you may wish to mention "military" in the influences of the Romans. We structure our militaries today in the same basic patterns as they.

    by CaptainPike 4 years ago

  • Are you ready for a team match against Rhomania?

    by Anastasios 6 years ago

  • Hello to all. i love ODYSSEUS very much:)

    by milad1990 6 years ago

  • Salve...Thanks for inviting me

    by Slap37 6 years ago

  • Thanks for your invitation from Rome, Italy. The only real Rome in the World

    by cubasia 6 years ago

  • A new 1200-1500 tournament:

    by Alberto-Veiga 6 years ago

  • Hello!, if you are interested, you can join in two fast tournaments: or

    by Alberto-Veiga 6 years ago

  • Happy New Year :)

    by Alberto-Veiga 6 years ago

  • happy new year to everyone

    by brightpinkfairy 6 years ago