Animal Lovers

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  • Formed: Sep 19, 2008
  • This is a group for anyone who loves animals.

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  • There is a Match Now...Have a Look?

    by pbpostma 7 days ago

  • nada. just join and wanted to say "hi"

    by Kem_Nebu 10 days ago

  • Hello there. What's up?

    by why0712 11 days ago

  • Hiya

    by Kem_Nebu 2 weeks ago

  • No Match to see!

    by pbpostma 7 weeks ago

  • that has to change

    by royalbishop 7 weeks ago

  • We have some team matches in progress: We also play vote chess games, which we usually lose :-)

    by Horned_Owl 8 weeks ago

  • hahaha, I see :P

    by Leaaaa 8 weeks ago

  • but not -very- active :-)

    by karelkamelensprong 8 weeks ago

  • by Leaaaa 8 weeks ago