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  • Are you up for a game of chess? If so, I encourage you to join one of the greatest communities on the ARC! The ARC stands for Atomic_Rift's Club. It is an online chess club that chess players of any age and any rating can be a part of. The ARC is an active chess club filled with contests, club matches, vote chess, tournaments, forums, chess lessons, scoreboards, monthly prizes, and an awesome environment of friendly people. Here is what some of the regulars have to say about the ARC: TotemMeister: "thank you too for managing this nice group" Riptidejr: "the ARC is probably one of the most unique groups right now with our forum games and the community!!! if there was only 1 group i could join it would be the ARC!" So join us as we battle our way to the top of the Leaderboards. This is a very challenging goal, but one that is attainable with the help of everyone. You will not go wrong joining here. I hope to see you soon friend. ;)

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  • The 3rd ARC Tournament's format is 5-per-group so you would be taking on 4 people with 2 games each. ;)

    by Atomic_Rift 35 minutes ago

  • Good morning HDC! :)

    by Atomic_Rift 7 hours ago

  • yoyoyoyoy top of the morning to ya!

    by Hydra_Does_Chess 21 hours ago

  • thx

    by dashdo101 3 days ago

  • January results are up! Man my heart is pounding, that was exciting! :o

    by Atomic_Rift 3 days ago

  • I like both of your's. :)

    by Atomic_Rift 3 days ago

  • you likek mine

    by dashdo101 5 days ago

  • pretty

    by dashdo101 5 days ago

  • hello is this a cool deadpool pic?

    by exsonicscarUFO 5 days ago

  • Don't tell me this is going to be the comment that sits here for two weeks! :P We've had 6 new comments in the ARC Admin's Club since this post! xD So... how is everyone doing? :)

    by Atomic_Rift 5 days ago