Atheists For Peace

  • Earth International 
  • Formed: Dec 29, 2009
  • We promote knowledge, reason, and common sense; never forgetting that those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities, and that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

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  • Is this time frame correct?

    by Puss_N_Boots 21 months ago

  • hello, i ran into your group and read your description. I can not agree more!!!!!!

    by Puss_N_Boots 21 months ago

  • Now I think that the main mission of atheists is self actualization or self improvement. We already have many out there helping the undecided, we need to focus on changing ourselves.

    by SamV 4 years ago

  • I guess I have read too much of the fallicies of the "holy" book. i'm over it, I looked for help and got it from several books, newcommers can do the same.

    by SamV 4 years ago

  • Agreed, Sam. If we are to expose the fallacies of the "holy" book, then we cannot just leave a void. If it's codified morals that the masses seek, then accumulated wisdom through the ages can be summed up for those seeking solace from the loss of their dearly departed deity. I am currently fine-tuning a better 10-commandments. Be assured that after these 'better' commandments are delivered I will not imitate Moses and go kill thousands of innocents.

    by drumdaddy 4 years ago

  • As mentioned we need to move beyond Atheism toward Humanism or even Transhumanism.

    by SamV 4 years ago

  • Hey

    by vinked 6 years ago

  • peace to all

    by david1995 6 years ago

  • A new group 'The Atheists' has been created. All freethinking folk are most welcome to join in & participate! /groups/view/the-ath eists Thanks!

    by indubious 6 years ago

  • Peace to all. Wage peace. Teach peace.

    by drumdaddy 7 years ago