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Bangkok Chess Group

  • Bangkok Thailand 
  • Formed: May 26, 2011
  • a group for chess fans in Bangkok , Thailand.

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  • Hi All. Good to be here.

    by Blitz181 3 months ago

  • There's now a Social Chess Group that meets every month in Bangkok, at Hemingways Restaurant on Sukhumvit. Have been along twice, nice people attending,mostly foreigners...a little difficult to think clearly with folk coming and going but its not meant to be serious chess anyway (!)

    by covpete1 23 months ago

  • Under the weather at the mo...thanx for game challenge, can we leave it a little while though? Need to finish some tournaments first!

    by covpete1 2 years ago

  • ok , you

    by atty1970 2 years ago

  • How you doing Steve?

    by covpete1 2 years ago