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Basic Chess

  • United States 
  • Formed: Sep 9, 2012
  • Hi Fellow chess players. I’m starting a new group where our goal is about having fun and hopefully improving your play. I believe the best games are played with players of somewhat equal levels. All matches that our Admin's will be setting up will have high and low rating limits. We will start with a rating range of 250 or so(for example 1100 thru 1350) and adjusting from there as needed . Unlike most other groups I have seen, It will be up to the players and myself to recruit new members by word of mouth. My Admin's responsibility will be to play unrated games with lessor level players in such a way as to help them improve there game. For example the Admin may make a move that set up a fork for his/her opponent and sends a comment “find the fork” with the move. There are a million details to work out but this is my vision for this group.