BestPlayer_11 Memorial Fan Club

  • Wherever BestPlayer_11 is International 
  • Formed: May 1, 2012
  • As many of you know, BestPlayer_11 left This group is a memorial for him and his nice heart.

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  • G'day defajo, hoping all is well and a lovely chrissy and new year to u and ur family : )))

    by George1st 7 weeks ago

  • George! hi.:)

    by defajo 2 months ago

  • I miss my good buddy and dear friend, TheBestPlayer. And that he is : )))

    by George1st 2 months ago

  • Hey hey!!!

    by George1st 2 months ago

  • long time!

    by KnightOfDaLivingDead 9 months ago

  • G'day mate : ))

    by George1st 9 months ago

  • ......

    by CheSsie_BiRdie 11 months ago

  • Finally he is breathing again!!

    by Bane_30 24 months ago

  • If ur still around, let me know my good buddy, friend, pal, mate!!!!!

    by George1st 3 years ago

  • misssing u guys here..keep this alive :)

    by CheSsie_BiRdie 3 years ago