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Beyond Chess

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  • Formed: Mar 1, 2010
  • This is a group started by (IM) Kayden Troff. Probably not the most professional but the Super-Admin(s) will try their best, and we will have lots of fun.

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  • join this club

    by GMSeaslessspark 9 months ago

  • Hey Kayden, you should update the Group Description, it says you are an NM. Change it to an IM!

    by Dare-Dare 3 years ago

  • If We Alliance w/o hessmaster's Group,Gambit fans,We will Crush all enemies

    by Gm_andrewfeng 5 years ago

  • u seem to be quite an amasing chess player especialy for your age.

    by horsehead 6 years ago

  • Hi

    by KaydenTroff 6 years ago

  • hi, i just joined the group

    by Elu2010 6 years ago

  • Welcome to all our new members!

    by tyberius 6 years ago

  • Hey everyone, I am helping Kayden with some admin duties with Tony's help as well. We would like to hear from you if you have any suggestions for activities for the group. Also, we want to remind you of our vote chess games in progress. Please make comments and share ideas as moves come up.

    by tyberius 6 years ago

  • please fill your slot in our matchvs,qatar chess fanatics...asap..

    by dandof 6 years ago

  • "Casualities" was an outstanding article. You have a terrific foundation on which to build and to write, thanks to your family and others in your life that support you. . . .

    by tyberius 6 years ago



Submitted by KaydenTroff on Apr 10, 2010 posted in Beyond Chess News
We won our first team match! We have a better winning percentage then POWER OF CHESS they have won more games, but let's not get into the details . Hopefully we can keep it at a 100% for a while! Thanks to all that played and good luck! Read More »