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Biloxi Chess Team USA

  • Biloxi MS United States 
  • Formed: Apr 3, 2013
  • A freindly game of chess!

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  • We have a new state vs state team match. Please join. Thanks in advance.

    by odirtyredo 16 months ago

  • Hello Biloxi chess Team. I am encouraging all of you to join the Mississippi Group if you are a resident of Mississippi to help in the state vs state tournament that will start on the 4. If you are not from Mississippi, for example Al or LA I encourage you to join your state's group to be apart of the tournament. Thanks

    by odirtyredo 2 years ago

  • Chess Saturday 7-10:30 a.m McD Edgewater Mall on 5/17/14

    by SirRook 2 years ago

  • To All Biloxi local chess players if interested Saturday March 29th, 2014 meet at McAlister for some blitz games between 4 and 6 pm.

    by SirRook 3 years ago

  • See detail for blitz tournament at BILOXI CHESS CLUB 1990

    by SirRook 3 years ago

  • I know it is our local chess club in Biloxi, but we are having a USCF rated blitz tournament tomorrow Sunday at McAlister G/8 delay 2 starts at 5:30 pm or 6Pm. It is an open blitz tournament.

    by SirRook 3 years ago

  • Ok Rik Ill try and lower rating points

    by SirRook 3 years ago

  • Thanks for the invite to your current match but the range of 1500 - 2200 is a little high for me but sure will play in future matches if possible.

    by Rikhardr 3 years ago


    by lvali40 3 years ago

  • THANKS! Sure do~ :)

    by Rikhardr 3 years ago