Black Defenders of Pirc Castle

  • Pirc Castle, Slovenia 
  • Formed: Oct 8, 2013
  • A "defender" is defined as one who wards off attacks and guards against assault. A "defender" is also one who maintains, proves, and supports by argument and evidence, the validity of a theory in the face of criticism. The Black Defenders of Pirc Castle uphold the Pirc Defense and its opening theory. Our motto is: "Long Live the Pirc". To qualify as a Black Defender you must: a) play the Black side of the Pirc Defense; b) be rated at least 1750 in a playing category; c) be willing to actively participate in Team Vote Chess games; d) be 18 years or older; e) agree to honor the "Chess Code of Chivalry". ( If you are qualified, please apply. If you are currently not qualified, you are welcome to join our larger, older sibling group the Pirc Café.

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