Bleach Fun Club

  • Marikina, PH International 
  • Formed: Sep 10, 2007
  • Bleach Fun Club not Fan's, Sharing updates about bleach episodes and other topics about the anime.

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  • Hello! I'm new to this group but I wonder were are all the team matches and vote chess games? "A man sould aim for the stars. And it IS fun" -Iba vice captain of 7th squad and chairman of the society of men shinigami.

    by The_Aggressive_Bee 5 years ago

  • cant believe that this group is like 2 or more years old but isn't lively..

    by Kitty97 7 years ago

  • HELLO??!!why isnt this group lively?.. bendcat..r u sleeping?

    by Chess_human98 7 years ago

  • hey bendcat longtime no see

    by Daemon_Panda 8 years ago

  • Finally Ichigo is gonna get the power up he deserves... I'm tired of Kurosaki getting his a$$ kicked by Ulquiorria now he might actually have a chance on taking on Aizen...^^

    by White_Phoenix 8 years ago

  • steel,Metal-H,High-G Suede,C-leather

    by bendcat 9 years ago

  • I don't know what happened, I already changed it and never appear.

    by bendcat 9 years ago

  • whats with the girls? cant u pick one with boys?

    by cheese_master 9 years ago