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Boiled Icicles

  • International 
  • Formed: Apr 2, 2009
  • Think you are smart, stupid? This group was about "roonerspisms" (see but has expanded to include "A mans rag" and all other forms of wordplay, especially really, really bad jokes. So come and meet the gang, including both our schizophrenic leader's personas (at least one of whom has been recently found to be an expert in camel lore), the most foul-mouthed lady you'll ever meet, a grumpy viking and an international man of mystery who'll probably kill us all once we've outlived our usefulness. And a goose. Just don't ask. WARNING - if you *don't* have a sense of humour, this is NOT the group for you. Think you *do*? Haven't joined up? We don't believe you. For the unconvinced, I can do no better than leave you with the compelling and eloquent words of our very own Harmi: "Join our group, shit ox!"