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  • Hi!

    by AWARDCHESS 2 months ago

  • This is definitely a nicer picture. :) Perhaps it's a good idea to change the profile picture every once in a while. Like once a month...

    by SpiritoftheVictory 5 months ago

  • I change it!

    by AWARDCHESS 5 months ago

  • I will find another one, or maybe you have it, so just send it to me...

    by AWARDCHESS 5 months ago

  • This picture is OK, but I'm sure there must be a better one. Mr. Spassky looks tired and uninspired here... Just sayin. :)

    by SpiritoftheVictory 5 months ago

  • Levon Aronjan

    by tiborertinger 6 months ago

  • read and comment please.

    by Skols 8 months ago

  • After he beat Petrosian in 1969, he stops working on chess hard enough to be on the long right form to dominate the chess world, and he also lost support from Soviet Union, after he does everything to please and loose to Fisher the Title...

    by AWARDCHESS 8 months ago

  • the most underrated champion and probably the most underrated player ever I think. pre-72 he was superior to Fischer and Tal who are considered the greatest and the most attacking player ever by many. nowadays, who Boris Spassky is is not well known for people who are NOT extremely familiar with chess history.

    by Skols 8 months ago

  • UncleTarrasch: I believe that judged by his style of play, Kasparov is much closer to Spassky and Stein than to Karpov or Fischer. In the ensuing world championship matches with Karpov, Kasparov was able to absorb the highly technical style of his predecessor and moved on to become one of the most invincible players of all time

    by UncleTarrasch 11 months ago