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  • Formed: Apr 19, 2013
  • The group was founded in memory of all things unique. Also for the dynamic chess fan. We aim to have fun and a bit of light hearted banter along the way. Whilst taking the games seriously, winning isn't everthing, it's more about having fun and enjoyment of the game and group. We also have have an active sports betting discussion in 'The Betting Shop' So come and join and take part in the team matches and vote chess , and if you like your money for nothing and your chicks for free, we won't be in Dire Straits.

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  • There have not been many matches lately but if you go to the bottom corner of the page you can click on the matches link and then you can sign up for any open matches, sorry it took three weeks to get to you :)

    by jodelius 17 months ago

  • Hello brothers, I want to participate in its activities. Anyone can tell me how?

    by G25D 17 months ago

  • Hi, thanks for accepting

    by CORBEL1972 2 years ago

  • Hey brothers, we have a new vote chess match,fancy it?

    by Dangbdang 3 years ago

  • vote game against film lovers, make it 3 days and we accept because all our vote games are 3 days ty

    by KristoffVDS 3 years ago

  • we are losing 6.5-4.5 with 1 game to go,mainly due to 4 timeouts on our team

    by Dangbdang 3 years ago

  • How's our game going against "The Wolfpack"? I can't find a link to get there, the guy I was playing timed out without playing a move in the second game I hope he's alright???

    by peas-phil 3 years ago

  • Wow! For a moment I thought yu were rated at 2002. So, do we call you upen or Ragu? I answer to several names, but I favor "bones" . But others are MB (which rhymes with empty, so I don't favor that)..."bonehead" I REALLY don't like that one... #*!)(^%&$# which tells me I must have stepped on the person's foot, and it hurts. d=^))

    by MisterBoneman 3 years ago

  • Welcome upen

    by Dangbdang 3 years ago

  • hi

    by upen2002 3 years ago