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Burbank High School Chess Club Alumni Group

  • San Antonio, Texas United States 
  • Formed: Feb 24, 2008
  • This group is for alumni of the Chess Club of Luther Burbank High School of San Antonio, Texas.

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  • I just accepted a match against Chess Champs 2013; hope people sign up for this one!

    by gramos9956 4 years ago

  • Michael, I don't see the match against the Mexico team; where is it?

    by gramos9956 4 years ago

  • Let's get the Burbank Highschool Alumni Team ready for battle against Guanajuato Mexico Team !

    by michaelmachado2009 4 years ago

  • Just noticed your post, Raul. Guess it is time to sue you for libel or slander, ;-)

    by gramos9956 4 years ago

  • Oh, yeah, I remember these guys. They are all in prison.

    by raulmsanchez 4 years ago

  • Aloha Raul, Acosta brothers weer Ruben who graduated with me and Daniel who was in same class as you, Arthur, George. Andrew graduated form a school in Germany in 1973 and same year started playing and working with San Antonio scholastic chess program since then. So Andrew Smith is an honorary Bulldog member. Happy New Year!

    by frank713 6 years ago

  • Frank, I hate to tell you that I don't even remember the Acosta brothers. So sorry! Andy, welcome! You are Class of ??

    by raulmsanchez 6 years ago

  • Greetings to our newest member, Andy! Welcome to the Burbank team, Andy!

    by gramos9956 6 years ago

  • Aloha Raul, anyone know where the Acosta brothers Ruben and Daniel have gone? The were the #3 and #4 of that 73 team! Ruben was Senior with me and Mike Tapia that year.

    by frank713 7 years ago

  • We have a new member, Raul Sanchez! Welcome to the group, Raul!

    by gramos9956 7 years ago