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Camarillo Chess Club

  • Camarillo CA United States 
  • Formed: Jun 6, 2012
  • Welcome to the Camarillo Chess Club! We meet on Sundays from 1:00-4:00 pm at the Sportsman Restaurant, located at 4426 Central Ave, Camarillo. Players of all ages and abilities are welcome. We meet to play casual chess and help each other improve our game.

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  • I wanted to be a member of a local group. Recently , the VCCC group dissolved for some reason (not sure why). Thanks in advance.

    by began1261 10 months ago

  • I joined for a smart, fun lady friend who is eager to attend meetings but needs a ride Sunday afternoon. She lives near the Senior Ctr near Carmen and Daley. Would anyone be able to take her and bring her back home?

    by fridlund 16 months ago

  • can I be admin plz?

    by AstraChess33 3 years ago

  • Some team has challenged us! Please join! Thanks!

    by Rook_n_Roll 3 years ago

  • I am going to start the team match tomorrow, so if anyone else is interested, please join!

    by Rook_n_Roll 4 years ago

  • sure

    by ek177 4 years ago

  • Would you guys like to do a team match? I will Challenge a random team on here.

    by Rook_n_Roll 4 years ago

  • If everyone could join, that would be great!

    by Rook_n_Roll 4 years ago

  • I sent the Ventura club a challenge, lets go get 'em!

    by Rook_n_Roll 4 years ago

  • Ok, except that a lot of people that are in one group are also in the other.

    by Wizard_Chess97 4 years ago