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  • Formed: Aug 8, 2010
  • Its that smooth sticky satisfaction

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  • Anyone still around for a match?

    by Kubli 6 months ago

  • i am back cisco had me busy but i am back now ready

    by djdonjerry 4 years ago

  • yo guys im back from ages of inactivity :) had some MMOs to complete and an internet to download ;D

    by springby 4 years ago

  • View profile we need you in here :................... match.html?id=78592

    by hynder 5 years ago

  • Really you want to play this game?:

    by Baya11 5 years ago

  • that's OK

    by Black__Knight 6 years ago

  • Hey, someone please join our group 960 tournament. It's unrated, we're just trying to get some experience as a group! We need one more person to join to get started.:

    by Kubli 6 years ago

  • hi, could some of our better players please join the match with yorkshire terriers. its way too uneven at the moment!

    by tomo6 6 years ago

  • Welcome to Uhtred an all our newest members!

    by tomo6 6 years ago

  • rockers match cancelled due to lack of maggots!

    by tomo6 6 years ago

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