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Cartoonists Unite!

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  • Formed: Jun 27, 2009
  • Are you a cartoonist? Do you like a certain comic? Do read the comics every day? Do you think comic is a funny word? Do you like making jokes? Do you like jokes? Do you like to annoy your friends with stupid questions? Are you good at drawing? Do you like chess? Are you a human? If you answer yes to ANY of these questions, then you should join Cartoonists Unite! We play vote and match games. If you contribute their is a chance I will make you admin. So tell you friends tell random people on the street, tell your mom, tell your dad. JOIN Cartoonists Unite.

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  • this group is soooo dead it needs life

    by YamiYugioh 2 years ago

  • ive been working on a comic.Its called project ultra

    by YamiYugioh 2 years ago

  • whos the admin of this group?

    by DulmiWhoLovesJesus 3 years ago

  • ... im one of the highest rated members...

    by didiz1016 4 years ago

  • Hey guys! Looks like this group has been idle for a loong time XD How's everyone doing?

    by General_Mysers 4 years ago

  • read the complete. I was asked to put a sample cartoon of "Airball" (my comic strip) here. what do people think about this?

    by Chessguy2 7 years ago

  • anyone read Calvin and Hobbes cartoons?

    by geiger 7 years ago

  • Bchsfakjh,.gsjha.Ahfak;jfhsgkaD

    by uddam 7 years ago

  • hl kthjhbhdvcxngvkaj.,bfxlkanb.v, jhgk.jq bj g.jkfv zxc vka v cdkf a;h v;ah ;vld a zlfd d vh vahjf;l a ;v

    by uddam 7 years ago

  • how is everyone

    by Chessguy2 7 years ago

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