Chess Athenians

  • International 
  • Formed: Sep 9, 2008
  • Democracy, Rationality. Enlightenment. Tolerance. Down with the Chess-Spartans! (but only in a friendly, non-aggressive way)

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  • Are you trying to insult my group? I'm from the spartians you know...

    by TheFireFox1337 4 years ago

  • A very sneaky alias?

    by artfizz 4 years ago

  • What in the heck is a "Spartian?"

    by rhoskins 4 years ago

  • Let's give it a go & see if we can drum up a team.

    by artfizz 6 years ago

  • Hello everybody!I am admin of team "Rhomania" (ΡΩΜΑΝΙΑ in Greek) and I want to see if you like to play a Team Match with us... :-)

    by Anastasios 6 years ago

  • It almost looks as if the team match against Guatemala might actually start!

    by artfizz 7 years ago

  • "Don't be a square, Pythagoras!" I wonder how many times people said that to him?

    by artfizz 7 years ago

  • Hi Kirill ("salmi"). Always a pleasure to see a new face here.

    by artfizz 8 years ago

  • Team Match against the BLUNDER BROTHERS & SISTERS will be starting later today. FINAL CALL FOR BOARDING!

    by artfizz 8 years ago

  • Skeptikill, would you like to join the team match? Your rating is over 2000

    by malko 8 years ago