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  • Formed: Dec 22, 2008
  • This group seems to be missing! A group devoted to chess books, reviews, reading tips and hopefully reading groups!

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  • Ok, thanks for that. Has anyone read 'Secrets of Grandmaster Chess' by John Nunn? Opinion?

    by covpete1 5 days ago

  • on another note i have just found Fischer's "My 60 Memorable Games" Simon and Schuster, hard cover, first printing, for 10 dollars at the Tree Horn!

    by thought_control 5 days ago

  • "Think Like a GrandMaster" by Alexander Kotov (GM) It is good because it is a manual of correct and methodical thinking. I am about half way through and dedicated to finishing it.

    by thought_control 5 days ago


    by Chess4Him 9 days ago

  • Who's the author? And why is it so good?!

    by covpete1 9 days ago

  • "Think Like a GrandMaster" is a must read

    by thought_control 9 days ago

  • I agree. Is there a Premium Member amongst our membership who would like to step up and be Super Admin?? Fairly easy task in my opinion seeing as the group doesn't play matches...

    by covpete1 2 weeks ago

  • Would be nice to see someone step up to SA here. There is a lot of good info in the forums to simply abandon.

    by Chess4Him 2 weeks ago

  • Looks like the group SA has gone AWOL!

    by covpete1 2 weeks ago

  • I have an opinion and the book by Kmoch! Please know that it was recommended by my coach and others as the best book on the proper use of pawns.

    by Chess4Him 9 months ago


Group Tournament

Submitted by farbror on Mar 15, 2009 posted in Chess Books and Reading Group News
The Study Buddy and Chess Books group tournament starts in about an hour. You're invited to join the fun! Read More »