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  • Formed: Aug 22, 2012
  • Everyone is welcome to join! This is a group of chess players that take chess seriously. We will have fun kicking other teams butts and rise through the ranks.

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  • hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    by ripjaw878 2 years ago

  • are we going to have some new matches?

    by TheWolfMB 3 years ago

  • :)

    by Luidefunes 3 years ago

  • BREAKING NEWS: Google Inc has made a deal with and there joining our group, for more go to

    by Luidefunes 3 years ago

  • why don't we play match against other teams?

    by TheWolfMB 4 years ago

  • did it chess960

    by Ericyii 4 years ago

  • k on it

    by Ericyii 4 years ago

  • Ericyi, you can make a team match now.

    by oneawesomeperson123 4 years ago

  • welcome dheerajhnaik

    by saenmo 4 years ago

  • welcome jiten001t

    by saenmo 4 years ago

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